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21 Must-Own Books For Every Real Estate Investor.

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Success isn’t easy and it’s never done alone. To really succeed as a real estate investor, as in all other endeavours, you need a team.

Often the most experienced person you need is either too expensive to add to your team, or they’re unavailable. So, for those times you hope they’ve written a book that you can lean on to help you though the struggles.

Here’s my list of 21 must-own books that you really should pick up at some point. You may not follow their techniques or model, but you should at least be aware of them. You also can still be successful without them, but they’ll sure help.

To avoid hurt feelings these are presented in no particular order. If you want to know my personal Top 5, you can email me 😉

  1. Ultimate Wealth Strategy – Quentin D’Souza, Andrew Brennan, Jeff Woods
  2. Real Estate Investing in Canada – Don Campbell
  3. Legal, Tax and Accounting Strategies for the Canadian Real Estate Investor – Steven Cohen, George Dube
  4. The Canadian Landlords Guide – Douglas Gray
  5. Fix and Flip – Mark Loeffler, Ian Szabo
  6. More Than Cashflow – Julie Broad
  7. RRSP Secret – Greg Habstritt
  8. Smith Maneuver – Fraser Smith
  9. Rich Dad Poor Dad – Robert Kiyosaki
  10. Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill
  11. Investing in Rent To Own Property – Mark Loeffler
  12. The Canadian Real Estate Action Plan – Peter Kinch
  13. 97 Tip for Canadian Real Estate Investors – Don Campbell
  14. Real Estate Joint Ventures – Don Campbell, Russell Westcott
  15. Secretes of the Canadian Real Estate Cycle – Don Campbell
  16. The Property Management Toolbox – Quentin D’Souza
  17. Real Estate Riches – Tahani Aburaneh
  18. Hold – Chader, Doty, McKissack
  19. From Renos to Riches – Ian Szabo
  20. How to Win at Real Estate to Break the Freedom Barrier – Joey Ragona
  21. The Millionaire Real Estate Investor – Gary Keller

Did I miss something or would you like to add to the list? You can reach out and Contact me here.