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Investment Property Financing

Investment Property Financing

I’m an expert in working with new and experienced real estate investors using a wide range of strategies from flips, buy and hold, BRRR, equity shifting, JVs etc.

As an investor/landlord myself for over 10 years, I’ve used numerous strategies to build my own portfolio and have access to a deep pool of lenders from low-rate banks, alternative lenders for growing portfolios to private lending for quick closings and advanced strategies.


Struggling First Time Buyers

Struggling First Time Buyers

Younger Canadians are struggling to get into their first home and they needs a creative, experienced and stubborn mortgage advisor who won’t give up on them. I’m experienced in advances mortgage strategies and have access to over 70 banks, credit unions and alternative lenders to develop a custom solution.
I’m an expert at working through difficult situations and exhausting all options to find a way to get you into your first home.


Debt Relief and Emergency Loans

Debt Relief and Emergency Loans

Canadians are facing the most difficult and challenging times of our generation. Tens of thousands are out of work and looking for help managing their debts and paying their bills.
I’ve personally been through emotional financial hardships and have dug myself out of deep debts. I use my experiences and what I’ve learned to help others; from debt and credit card restructuring to quick emergency loans, I can help.


About Steve White

A hard working single dad of a teenaged daughter, active Rotary Club member, volunteer and board of director of Durham’s only youth homeless shelter, I’m committed to caring and helping others.

I became a mortgage advisor after learning about money after struggling financially for several years; teetering on the edge of bankruptcy. After learning how to budget, save and invest I purchased my first family home. I continued to learn about investing and finance and in the decade since picking up my first book on money I have invested and now own several rental properties that provide a monthly income and secure retirement.

I now use what I’ve learned to help others pull themselves from debt as well as help both new and experienced real estate investors finance their rental property purchases using a range of basic and advanced strategies.

Why Work With Steve?

Better technology, more experience, better solutions and more caring than most mortgage brokers.







I’ve done a lot!

After years of financially struggling to becoming an investor with a growing portfolio of numerous income properties, I’ve learned a lot!
I’ve worked my way from the bottom and understand struggle.

I Have Access to Answers

With access to over 70 lenders from big banks, alternative lenders to private financing, memberships to numerous trade associations and personal connections to hundreds of specialists.
I’m able to find the answers to the most complicated real estate and mortgage problems.

I solve tough problems

From helping those struggling with debts, to young buyers unable to qualify, to new and experienced real estate investors looking to grow a portfolio.
I specialize in difficult situation most banks and brokers aren’t able or willing to solve.

Reach Me on Numerous Platforms

Connect with me how you’re comfortable. From quick and low-pressure texted questions, emails, web chats, video conferencing, phone calls to Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and Instagram DMs.
I’m available to answer all your questions on your preferred platform.

Using Technology and Automation

I rely heavily on using cutting edge technology to provide you the best service possible.
From automated reminders, tracking systems through to digital signatures and encryption to make this process as easy, safe and efficient as possible.

I Help People

Above all my personal motivation and happiness comes from helping others. Not only do I help rescue clients from debt, investors build multi-million dollar portfolios, but I also donate a portion of all my income to those in need, volunteer a significant amount of time and sit on several charity boards of directors.
I really do care.

People I've Helped


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