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Renovation Loans

As an business owner and investor myself, I’ve discovered the best programs and solutions for individuals to use the equity in their homes to make improvements or generate an income. 

Whether you’re looking to catch up on differed home maintenance undergo a major remodel or would like to invest in a rental property, let me design a financing solution for you. 

★ Self Employed / Low Declared (After Expenses) Income 
★ 1st, 2nd, Private and Construction Mortgage 
★ Refinancing / Home Equity to pay off existing debts / Stop Power of Sale 
★ Bruised Credit 
★ Discharged / Undischarged Bankruptcy or Consumer Proposal 
★ Mortgage Renewals 
★ Pre Approval /1st Time Home Buyers / New Canadians 
★ Low Down Payment 
★ Low Borrowing Rates for Investments 

I work with over 60 lenders including Banks, Trust Companies, Credit Unions and Private Lenders. 

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