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Use Your Mortgage To Support Your Cause

Home Purchases

With access to over 65 banks, credit unions and alternative lenders, I have access to countless programs and strategies to help you get the perfect home. For those with excellent credit and work history we can access the lowest rates, for those who face some challenges such as bruised credit, self employed or investors, we have options for you as well.


If you’re looking to restructure your mortgage to pay it off faster or slower, or take out equity for investments, renovations, debt consolidation or even create a safety net with a line of credit, I’m here to help. Or, if your mortgage is up for renewal, reach out to make sure your bank really is offering the best rate available.

Debt Consolidation

Consolidating and shifting car loans, credit card balances and lines of credit into a significantly lower mortgage payment can be a smart financial move. If you’ve been struggling to maintain your minimum payments or aren’t seeing your balance decrease it might be time to talk before your credit score is impacted. I have access to specialty lenders who help with paying out property and income tax arrears.

Let's Work Together

Complete the form below to tell me a little bit about your situation and we’ll work to find out how we can save you money on your mortgage in a number of ways, including adjusting the payments, lowering your interest and/or paying off other debts and loans.
Once we have some options for you a donation of $10 will be sent to . After your new mortgage is finalized we’ll have Mortgage Alliance direct around .1% of the mortgage amount to the team – (a $600,000 mortgage would generate around a $600 donation*).

A Word About Us:

We’re thrilled to be working with Steve and his team who have done a tremendous job supporting our players and parents. Thank you so much!

Stacy Andrews, Team Fundraising Director

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