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Your Local Mortgage Advisor

My name is Steve White and I’m a licensed mortgage agent with Mortgage Alliance.

I help ensure everyday Canadians have the best possible mortgage, with the best possible rates and terms. I proudly do my best to keep more money in my client’s pockets and out of the bank’s coffers.

As a Mortgage Broker, I work with over 60 mortgage lenders including major banks, credit unions, alternative and private lenders. Our brokerage is able to use our credibility and experience to get the best mortgage terms and rates to suit your needs and situation

 A good mortgage broker can help plan your mortgage around your long term goals, as well as short term life events – from helping pay for your child’s college/university, catching up on retirement savings to being mortgage free sooner.

Mortgage agents are there to help from before you even start to house shop, through packaging your financials, finding the right lender with the best rates/terms, overseeing the appraisal values and inspections, ensuring you’re not overbidding, checking in with your Realtor and lawyer and keeping all the financials running smoothly until you receive your keys.

With interest rates at an all-time low, now is the ideal time to review your current mortgage and see if there’s a better deal out there. Even if you have several years left on your existing mortgage, I can help review your options to keep more money in your pocket.

Don’t sign your mortgage renewal without seeing what other options are out there. Most often there’s a better deal out there, giving you better terms or lower rates. It’s worth an hour or two of your time to potentially save yourself and your family thousands of dollars a year.

Contact me to help find a solution to mounting debts before they damage your credit for years. I can help avoid power of sale, reduce your debt payments or find temporary funds to ease the pressure.

Before you head out shopping for your dream home, let me ensure you’re in the best possible financial position to make an offer.

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