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With interest rates at an all-time low, now is the ideal time to review your curren mortgage and see if there’s a better deal out there. Even if you have several years left on your existing mortgage, I can help review your options to keep more money in your pocket.


Don’t sign your mortgage renewal without seeing what other options are out there. Most often there’s a better deal out there giving you better terms or lower rates. It’s worth an hour or two of your time to potentially save yourself and your family thousands of dollars a year.

Equity Takeout

Have a big project you’ve been dreaming of or a major life event such as a child’s wedding? Unlike buying luxury toys or extra spending money, using equity to enrich your life – travel the world, further your education – is a good use of some of the wealth you’ve built.

Self Employed

As a self employed mortgage broker who purchases investment properties, I know the challenges you face getting funding from traditional lenders. I’ve developed great relationships with many mortgage providers with special programs for entrepreneurs and business owners.

No Income

Life happens. If you find yourself out of work or with reduced hours and worrying about how you’ll make your mortgage payments, there are solutions out there for you. I can help you access some of the equity in your home and perhaps even put you into a mortgage without monthly payments.


Are you looking to purchase an investment property but don’t know how, where or when? I’ve been an investor myself for nearly eight years and have a unique insight into the proper way to invest. Investment property mortgages are much different than a mortgage on your own home and you need an expert to ensure the process moves along smoothly.

Reverse Mortgages

A reverse mortgage is structured to ensure you have the money you need in precisely the way you want it. Whether you want a lump sum to reinvest or cover a major expense such as upgrading your home or providing a down payment on a mortgage for a family member, or instalment payments to cover living expenses a reverse mortgage may suit you perfectly.

Equity Shift

People are always thinking about diversifying their stocks and mutual funds, but hold all their real estate wealth in one property. I can help you shift some of your equity from your home into an income producing investment or even family cottage.

Divorce Mortgages

As a recent divorcee myself, I understand the emotions and overwhelming volume of paperwork required. Needing to sell your house is an added layer of stress that can be avoided by taking advantage of spousal buyout mortgage programs. As your trusted mortgage advisor who’s been through this I can calmly help you navigate the process of taking complete ownership of the home and buying out the other spouse’s equity as painlessly as possible.