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My Three Pillars of Giving


Homelessness – Soup Kitchens – Microfinance – Job Training – Clothing Donations – Education


Disease Research – Disaster Relief – Active Lifestyle – Blood Donation – Hospitals

Animal Welfare

Sanctuaries – Wildlife – Pet Relocation – Animal Rescue – Care

Mortgages Doing Good

The most important realization I’ve made in my life is that my success isn’t measured by money in the bank. I’m happiest when I’m changing lives and helping my community. By building in significant giving into the core of my mortgage business, I can ensure that as the business grows I’ll automatically help more and more people.
By working with Realtors, banks and lenders charity programs in conjunction with my own giving initiatives I’m able to make meaningful impact on every mortgage for a charity, non-profit or community organization. The client can choose the cause they believe in, or distribute to my list of partner organizations.

On average, a $500,000 home purchase or refinance can lead to a $500 donation!

What qualifies for the program:

  • Home Purchases
  • Refinancing
  • Mortgage Switches
  • Home Equity Loans/Line of Credit
  • Debt Restructuring Loans

I always strive for win-win solutions. This program works because my clients get a great advice and pay lower mortgage interest and charities and community organizations get significant cash donations.

Mortgage Clients

By using me as your mortgage broker I can help you find the best rates, terms and solutions that fit your current needs and goals.

Charities, Non-Profits, Community Organizations

If you work, volunteer or support a particular organization whose main goal is to help others and relies on fundraising, I’d love to hear from you to discuss working together!

Mortgage Referrals

Even if you’re not yet in the market for new or refinanced mortgage, if you have friends or family who could benefit from an independent mortgage review please send them my contact information. You can help both your friends and a cause you support.

If you own a home or want to, you need a mortgage.

Instead of going to your bank or looking in the Yellow Pages, call me first.

Best case –  I get you the best mortgage possible, we send hundreds or thousands of dollars to charity and we’re friends forever.

Worst case – I can’t get you the best mortgage (I’m legally bound to work in your best interests), I’ve lost an hour doing math; but we’re still friends.

You’ve got little to loose and a lot of good to gain.

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“The world of mortgage brokering is one of math, emails, compliance, appraisals and paperwork. It’s a huge thing to step out of that and press money into the hands of families who really need it.”

Steve White

Just a few of the charities I support: